“Aesth Coin”, Self, June 2022.

Reflections on Value, Amid The Crypto

“Interactions are useful when there is a meaningful exchange.”

Be it material or immaterial, what is exchanged is conceived to hold what we call, value;

“Capital is of value for the matter and space that it provides, while labor is of value for the energy and time that it provides. And just as matter is ultimately reducible to energy, so too capital is ultimately reducible to labor.” —

It is worth at least the minimal time and energy it takes to obtain or create, and no more than the maximal time and energy it can save elsewhere.


To close this topic on a high note. I want to share with you an interesting connection between value and information. Initiating with,

“Information is the cast of order on a substance.”

That is, in all activities where we alter the original chaotic state of matter — shape it to our use — we encode meaning through the new order we impose.


On the Principles of Distinction



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