“In-sight.” Self, April 23rd 2022.

On the Principles of Distinction

No-fold Distinction (Monad)

Now before speaking about any particular knowledge or specific subject of study, I want to contemplate a certain language centered around the word “thing” and its derivatives, everything, anything, something and nothing.


“What is there? Everything.” — Quine

The take away of this section is a statement about the primacy of the “thing”-notion. We don’t have to select a specific case to showcase our techniques. Any specific knowledge is automatically about an instance of the prime concept.

Two — fold Distinction (Diad)

They split the plane of manifestation in the “absolute” sense in two. The dichotomy is most often based on a criteria or property, (1) present in a part of the manifestation and (2) absent in the rest.


“Ignorance is the inability to pick something from everything and not only say this is different but also explain in which manner.” — Self.

Instances of a two-fold distinction are numerous. Thus, I will choose two examples which I shall refer to in subsequent writings.

Three — fold Distinction (Triad)

A three — fold distinction is the product of a relative reading on the same thing. That splits the space into three possible considerations, (1) the thing relative to itself, (2) relative to something else and (3) as mediating a relation between other things.


“Understanding is merely a fitting of relations.” — Self.

Instance of the three-fold kind are somewhat rare but quite powerful when found. In what follows I detail two of the most influential cases.


The Perspective-Language-Knowledge Complex



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