New Jungle Modern Primitives

Like old times, it is all about search, collect and refine. The jungle changed.

Before, it was one filled with animals and physical dangers. Now, it is an intangible landscape, a home for chimeras of thoughts and the dangers of fallacies.

We overcame the old jungle through community, by building houses and deploying townscapes. By controlling physical resources and taming the wild by imposing order and sophistication.

How triumphant are we over the new jungle? Ideologies are as close as we can get to the notion of a community in a world of information and ideas.

Yet how far are we from making true analog of houses and towns? These levels of orders necessary to tame the wilderness of the mind.

How much of our mental resources do we control? How much sophistication did we manifest?

It feels like we still have a long way to go. The modern man is still primitive in dealing with his own jungle.



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